This is it!

Finally, after months of campaigning and billions of pesos spent, the moment of truth has come. It’s election day, the day millions of Filipinos are waiting for. The day when the people themselves decide for their future, and  the future of their children.

But why do we have to vote? It is because of the right we have called suffrage. Our rights are the duties other people. For example, I have the right to vote, it is the duty of my neighbor to respect it an not to coerce me into voting for someone they like me to vote for.

Our freedom to choose is one of God’s gift to us. We have the right to choose and it is the duty of others to respect it.

Just a few hours from now, I will be exercising that freedom. I will cast my vote as a free man, free of whatsoever dictate or orders from other people. I will shade the circle next to my candidate’s name. I already made my choice a few months ago and now, I am excited to make it a reality.

I encountered a Facebook status stating that now, elections in the Philippines is among the leading cause of death among Filipinos. I am alarmed. It is because, our freedom is being threatened.

But, I won’t let that stand in the way. I will choose, I have chosen my candidate and I will vote for them when I get inside the polling precinct.

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    Now we have to defend and work with our choices.


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