Maguindanao/Ampatuan Massacre

November 23 was the third anniversary of one of the most heinous crime committed on the face of the Earth, the event infamously known as the Maguindanao/Ampatuan Massacre.

The massacre of around 58 individuals, 34 of them were journalists, happened in broad daylight. It was when the group were covering the filing of then vice mayor Esmael Mangudadatu to run for governor in the upcoming 2010 National elections. It was done by his wife accompanied by a number of supporters. They were all murdered and up to now, many of the suspects have not been arraigned.

A lot of innocent people died here under the most powerful clan, the clan that practically runs everything in the poor province of Maguindanao (as most evidence point to them).

Another year has passed and still, justice looms far from the horizon. Impunity sees to be part of our culture nowadays. Justice delayed is justice denied. Here are some suggestions by prosecution lawyer Atty. Harry Roque on how to hasten the “Trial of the Century”.


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