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I Support Rep. Teddy A. Casiño for Senator

The May 13, 2013 midterm elections in the Philippines is just around the corner. I’m a registered voter in my home province, but unfrotunately, the leave I requested was not approved. Alas, I cannot exercise my right to vote.

Had my leave been approved, I would’ve voted for Rep. Teddy A. Casiño. He is running for a seat at the Upper House of the Congress, also known as the Senate.

Who is he and why I would’ve voted for him? He is the sole bet of the coalition of 12 Philippine progessive Partylists called Makabayan. He authored/sponsored numerous House Measures. Some of them are: HB01483 (an act defining discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity and providing penalties…), HB01961 (act regulationg tuition and other fees of private educational institutions), HB02308 (act providing for a mandatory nationwide child nutrition program in all public elementary and barangay day care centers). Here’s the complete list from the Congress website.

Since I cannot personally cast my vote for him, this is the least thing I can do, inform people of how deserving he is to be voted for Senate. Kay Teddy Casiño, panalo ang karaniwang tao!

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How to change your BIR – RDO code

If you’re recently hired in a company located or registered in a different Regional District Office, you need to update your registration information.

I recently updated my RDO code from CUBAO (40) to Makati (50). To do this, I have to go to my old RDO (Cubao) located in Quezon Ave. corner Scout Santiago. I filled up 2 copies of Application for Registration Information Update (BIR Form 1905)

Fill-up the appropriate fields and mark appropriate boxes with an X. (its better if you have a pre-filled for to avoid the hassle of filling it up while waiting for your number to be called). Before getting a priority number, don’t forget to tell your purpose to the receptionist. When I got mine, it only took me 15-20 minutes to be called because the number being served was 69 and mine was 80.

For verification purposes, the officer of the day will ask you a question regarding your personal information just to make sure you are the one changing the information registration. The process (along with the waiting took some 20 minuntes). After having your form 1905 stamped, you have to present a copy of the form to the Human Resource office of the company you are currently employed in.


Super Sinangag

Just last weekend I went to a clinic in Quezon Ave. to have the routine medical checkup that is required for new employees. We had a hard time finding the clinic because we were avoiding the Gregorio Araneta-Quezon Avenue intersection.

My wife and I finally found a parking space in Sto. Domingo Ave., a canteen adjacent to the Sto. Domingo Church. My wife and daughter waited for me there until I was done with my checkup. It was lunchtime when I came back so we decided to eat on the canteen.

I was supposed to order braised beef but it was not available so we decided to go for the Porksilog (liempo).

The crew was very friendly (even if they were eating their lunch when we ordered) and even gamely posed for a photograph before we left.

Super Sinangag is located at Sto. Domingo Ave., Quezon City.


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Earth Hour 2012

It started with an IDEA. An idea that became a SYMBOL. A symbol that became a MOVEMENT. A movement that unites people to protect our PLANET. 135 countries and territories. 5251 cities and towns. Reaching 1.8 BILLION PEOPLE. Together, every one of us can go BEYOND THE HOUR. Everyone has the power to CHANGE THE WORLD we live in.

At 8:30pm this Saturday, March 31st, together with the billions of concerned people on the planet, we will turn off the lights (and uplug other electronic devices) for one hour. This will be in observance of this year’s Earth Hour. 60 minutes that can help make a difference. 60 minutes that unite people around the globe for a cause, regardless of color or race.

Visit the official Earth Hour website for more info or use the Twitter hashtag #EarthHour to join the conversation.

Be one of us. Be a part of the change.

How will you go Beyond the Hour? 60+


Save the Bacoor-Las Pinas-Parañaque coastal lagoon

A contractor, together with the Philippine Reclamation Authority, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the Environmental Management Bureau and the City Government of Las Piñas are proposing to reclaim the Bacoor-Las Piñas-Parañaque coastline of the Manila Bay through the Parañaque and Las Piñas Coastal Bay Project. It raised a lot of eyebrows including some birdwatchers and former Las Piñas Representative Cynthia Villar.

They are against the project as it will harm the estuary that serves as a stopover of migratory birds and also serves as a catch basin of flood from Bacoor, Parañaque and Las Piñas.

The reclamation project (according to a TV report I saw) will preserve the front portion of the lagoon. But it will still lead to the its death as it will eventually dry up because the reclaimed area will block the water passage from the bay to the lagoon.

Let us join the more than 300k residents of Las Piñas City who already signed up to save the 175.307 hectares of one of the last bird sanctuaries in the Philippines. Saving the coastal lagoon will not only mean saving the sanctuary but also the neighboring localities that depend on the lagoon as flood catch basin.


Road safety

An article I saw earlier from the InterAksyon website was about road accidents. The article reports that an average 7 kids in the Philippines die every day because of road accidents. These road accidents are mostly caused by bicycles, motorcycles, pedicabs and public vehicles.

It was also in this article that a data from the Safe Kids Philippines that

“only one out of every four children has knowledge on road safety”

If basic education has the 3 R’s (Reading, ‘Riting and ‘Rithmetic) of learning, road safety has 3 E’s (Education, Enforcement and Engineering). These are essential so when these children grow up, they won’t be road and traffic safety violators.

These trike drivers pose threat to the pedestrians by blocking the sidewalk and making them walk on the side of the road instead.


Stewed milk fish

My wife bought milk fish (bangus) stewed in mustard leaves and tomatoes for lunch. The food was great. I wish I know the name of the dish and how to cook it.



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PayPerPost Offer

I got an offer from PayPerPost last Wednesday. It was to post something about the “bulls blazers mavs”. But alas, I was only able to open my email today (Saturday), and the offer’s validity was for three days only. The offer expired before I can even respond to it.


The offer was for one dollar. It probably requires me to post a link where people can get to buy tickets to see the game. Oh well, one dollar is still one dollar.

I should regularly check my email for me not to miss opportunities like this.

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