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My mother

I grew up practically under my mom’s care. From infancy until I became a toddler, she used to bring me with her to the store. We have a small store (until now) in our province that she and my dad manage.

She was an all around mom. She juggled being a business woman, a wife and a mother. She always had time for everything. At the store, she can deal with the patrons and the delivery guys in the morning, and take care of my needs (help me with my assignments, cook our dinner, watch TV–family stuff you do at night) while waiting for my dad to come home from work.

I remember when she cleans my ears, it was so fun and relaxing that I close my eyes every time an feel great after she’s done with my ears. She never left me alone when I was a kid. Even though she never did really accompany me in going to school, because it was just a block away from our place, I know for sure she loves me because she’s teaching me independence.

I had an accident when I was a kid. It was in pre-school during the afternoon break and just when I got back from our store after getting my snacks, I trip and slammed my forehead on the pavement. It was bleeding bad and I needed to medical attention. Without second thoughts, she left our store just to accompany me and Kuya Ling (who’s carrying me) to the hospital.

That’s my mom, a supermom! She’s a person who exhibits faith, hardwork and patience in her daily life. I love you ma! You’re the best! Happy Mother’s Day!

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