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I’m grateful for today

Today, I’m grateful for my 31 years of existence.

I am grateful for having been blessed with two splendid individuals, a wonderful and loving mother and an understanding father who never gave up on me. I miss them both though, because I now have my own family.

I am also grateful for having a sister who is an all-around type who is now married to a great husband and blessed with three wonderful children. I got to live with them when I was still studying.

I am likewise grateful for having two wonderful girl in my life, my wife and daughter. I got to spend the day with them not mindful of the world. We had fun and went to places we’ve never been before as a family.

And of course, I’m grateful for this life that the Lord gave me. For without him, all what I have is not possible.

Lastly, to my friends who greeted me via SMS and Facebook. Thank you all guys, you’re wonderful and I could not ask for more.

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