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When I was still a kid, I grew up watching Rodolfo Vera Quizon, Sr.’s (fondly called Dolphy). His TV sitcom called “Home Along Da Riles” was also a part of my childhood. I wouldn’t let a week pass without watching the sitcom.

His movies’ theme are mostly about a typical Filipino family and his role is almost always a loving father. What I remember about him is when he sings, along with the casts, the theme song of the movie. His movies teach a lot about values, valuing your family and friends.

He recently passed away after leaving a mark, not just in the movie and TV industry, but also in the hearts of millions of Filipino people. Unfortunately, he was not given the distinction he deserve when he was still alive. He should have been given the National Artist award, the award a director named Carlo J. Caparas was given a few years back. That event triggered protests from different sectors of society. I personally believe that Mang Dolphy deserve to be awarded the National Artist award more that anyone else. He was a big part of my childhood, not just me, but also millions of other Filipino people. He was denied the award when he was still alive. Hopefully, the award will finally be given to him this year. His family will not be the only ones who will celebrate it, but also Filipinos around the globe will.

Mang Dolphy, you will greatly be missed. You are not just a National Artist for me, but also a National Treasure.

‘I want people to remember me as a simple person, a good person whom people will talk about nicely — walang masasabing masama. That’s the best legacy I can leave for my children and grandchildren… a good name. And also, I want people to remember me with a smile.’ (Aug. 10, 2008)

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