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The Name Recall Game

I was talking to my 7year-old niece a while ago after I had her wear 4 different baller IDs of 4 different individuals who ran for president in the National Elections held last May 10, 2010. I asked her who she voted for in the elections, of course she still can’t vote for she’s still too young for that.

Anyway, she “voted” Noynoy Aquino for president. She also “voted” for Bong Revilla, Ramon for senator (whose surname in the ballot actually included his nickname, so instead of just plain “Revilla”, it became “Bong Revilla”

For mayor, she asked me who were the candidates. Since they’re from Quezon City, I told her it was Herbert Bautista and Mike Defensor. She told me that she would have “voted” for Defensor. I asked her why. She told me that she saw his poster that’s why she’ll vote for him.

It was a case of name recall. The more ads you post, the more air time you get, the more time people see your name and face, the more you’ll be remembered.

That is the main advantage of Pinoy celebrities who run for public office. They are well known and their names are what the people remember first when asked. I not underestimating them, it’s just that some are aspiring for a high legislative position (senator or representative) on their first attempt at entering politics. Some started from low positions, like the case of Quezon City Mayor-elect Herbert Bautista, Manila Vice-Mayor Francisco Domagoso (Isko Moreno) and Bataan Provincial Board Member Dexter Dominguez. They worked their way up the political ladder.

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