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Ang aga mo namang kumerengkeng

Overheard on a conversation yesterday:


“Haynako, si Father ha!”




“E in-interview niya yung student nating madre. Tinanong kung ilang taon na daw siya. Sumagot si sister, 23 po. Tinanong ulit ni father, ‘nagka-boyfriend ka na ba?’ sumagot naman si sister, ‘opo father.’ ‘Kelan?’ ‘Nung highschool po.’ ‘Ang aga mo namang kumerengkeng!’ [tawanan ang mga estudyanteng nakarining - nasa stage pa naman after ng First Friday Mass]”


The issue here is, is that action (informal interview in this case) ethical for a priest to do? It may be a private joke, but it was said with the priest holding a microphone. And the other students find the joke “funny”.


It was highly degrading for the nun who was embarrassed by the comment given by the priest.


I was not present on the said mass so I wasn’t able to witness the actual “interview” so I will give the whole event the benefit of a doubt. I will not judge what happened by what I heard, but I will look to it as a reminder that before I act or say anything, I must take into consideration the feelings of other people around me who will be hearing my comments or witnessing my actions. In netizens’ lingo, “Think before you click.”

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