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Un-Restroom (Uncomfort Room)

Earlier this morning, I rode the MRT to avoid the EDSA traffic. Normally, it takes a couple of hours to go to go to EDSA-Taft Ave. from EDSA-North Ave. But with the MRT, it will take you less than an hour.

Good to hear? Definitely! But the problem is, when you reach the end of the line and need to pee, you’ll find this in the men’s room:

Wow, this is supposed to be a restroom/comfort room. But wait, what this on the right side of the door? Oh, I see a hand sanitizer dispenser. Yay!

But the point is, what if you really need to go? The restroom cubicle has a sign saying that it is NOT IN ORDER. What happened to the money we commuters pay as fare? Is that what you call public service?

Anyway, last year (October 2011), I saw this sign on the same spot:

Wala Po Tubig (No Water).


If there’s a traffic enforcer, there’s probably traffic

Earlier this morning, I was late along with my co-faculty. But even before we were able to reach our class, the checker confirmed we are already absent for the said period. Why? Because of the slow moving traffic at the Manggahan Junction in General Trias, Cavite.

Crossing the said junction will only take you less than a minute (at night). But it took us around 15 minutes to cross the intersection. Because there where traffic enforcers manning the traffic flow at the intersection. It has been a problem for the longest time. The General Trias municipal government is paying 3 or 4 traffic enforcers to make the traffic flow worse. What a WASTE OF MONEY.

Why not the municipal government put up a stop light to control the traffic flow in the intersection?

Usually, it takes a minute or so before the red light turns green. And it is more efficient (as long as it is working properly) than traffic enforcers.

Installing a traffic light on a busy intersection may be more efficient than having enforcers doing the job.

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