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Un-Restroom (Uncomfort Room)

Earlier this morning, I rode the MRT to avoid the EDSA traffic. Normally, it takes a couple of hours to go to go to EDSA-Taft Ave. from EDSA-North Ave. But with the MRT, it will take you less than an hour.

Good to hear? Definitely! But the problem is, when you reach the end of the line and need to pee, you’ll find this in the men’s room:

Wow, this is supposed to be a restroom/comfort room. But wait, what this on the right side of the door? Oh, I see a hand sanitizer dispenser. Yay!

But the point is, what if you really need to go? The restroom cubicle has a sign saying that it is NOT IN ORDER. What happened to the money we commuters pay as fare? Is that what you call public service?

Anyway, last year (October 2011), I saw this sign on the same spot:

Wala Po Tubig (No Water).


The MRT on a Friday night

Travelling EDSA takes a lot of time, especially if its a rush hour. It’s actually a quarter to go before 10 and its a Friday night. In the Philippines, a lot of the guys come home from work at this time. If you drive your own car, its a painstaking ride. And if you’re a commuter, taking the bus is a big sacrifice, imagine being stuck in traffic when all you want to do is relax at home.

The Metrostar, popularly called the MRT 3, is a great (but a little less convenient) alternative for commuters. You can go Taft Avenue in Pasay to EDSA-North Avenue in less than an hour. You just have to bear cramming inside the coach. And sometimes, its very hard to get out because a lot of undisciplined passengers hurrily enters the train even if there are still passengers getting out. The upside is, its quite cool inside the train.

If you wonder why it’s called MRT 3, you have it all wrong. There’s no MRT 1 nor 2. I don’t know why its called such, but one thing I’m sure of though, is that it opened its doors to public during the administration of former Philippine President Joseph “Erap” Estrada.

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